Mary Help of Christians

Mary Help of Christians: what is commemorated on this day?

Today is the day of Mary Help of Christians, considered by the Argentines to be the patron mother and protector of agriculture. In the year 1860, the virgin appeared to a saint named Juan Bosco and reveals her name: “Help of Christians”. The Virgin also pointed out where to build her temple, in Turin, Italy.

"Each brick in this temple corresponds to a miracle ..." Saint John Bosco used to say after having built it. That sanctuary became a site of commemoration and devotion for the Catholic faith. Since then, the church expanded with the name of 'Help of Christians', with devotion to the Virgin as a characteristic of its temples.

The Virgin Mary has been called Auxiliadora since long before the apparition to San Juan Bosco. Since 352, Saint John Chrysostom from Constantinople he referred to the virgin as a source of help. Saint Sabas and Saint John Damascene also used the word 'Help of Christians' to refer to the miraculous powers of the Virgin.

Historically, the figure of the Virgin has been recognized by the greatest figures of Catholicism. The belief holds that Mary Help of Christians has the power to offer miracles of prosperity. Even in the XNUMXth century, the Virgin was entrusted with the battles of the military and the Pope offered his glory to Mary.

Likewise, with the passing of the centuries, the figure of the Virgin Mary continues to have a miraculous connotation for the Catholic people, which gives so much importance to this day in which she is commemorated as 'Helper' of her church. Today is the day when the Catholic faith joins in to pray for the miracles that the Virgin grants.

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