ChatGPT vs Google

ChatGPT vs Google,which dialogue model, based on artificial intelligence, will prevail in the future? Can you talk about a replacement for today's most used search engine? Or will some other tech giant be able to take advantage of the matter? Neither Metaverse nor NTF! The future is called “ChatGPT”.

ChatGPT vs Google, the technology race of the millennium?

Actually, the technological race of the millennium, for artificial intelligence, is not only led by Google and ChatGPT. Many private companies and governments are working on their own artificial intelligence projects. and, probably, they have nothing to envy to ChatGPT.

But then why has ChatGPT caused such a stir? Is it perhaps a simple viral trend? Nothing of that! ChatGPT is an automated dialogue platform, based on artificial intelligence, that allows you to write essays, creative texts, programming code, news and much more.

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Furthermore, this tool is capable of performing all these tasks in record time. That yes, hIt is necessary to clarify that ChatGPT works with databases, which do not use sources such as Google to extract information. ChatGPT, as its makers warn, can be wildly wrong in its responses (as well as wildly accurate).

However, what is the difference between ChatGPT and Google? Why is there a competition and how could it be contested? Let's see it.

Differences between ChatGPT and Google

Google is the most used search engine in the world. It is a tool used to find indexed content on the internet. That is, Google analyzes the web, in search of pages with content related to the search terms used by users.

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Although ChatGPT is a powerful tool, the most important data source in the world is Google. That is to say, that despite the fact that ChatGPT has a highly innovative and revolutionary technology, Google has – figuratively speaking – a bigger brain.

What is the possibility of uniting Google with ChatGPT?

Por el momento, Microsoft has shown interest in making the purchase, for 7 billion dollars, of ChatGPT. However, Microsoft competes with Google, as it has its own search engine: Bing.

So it is likely that Google will develop its own model, based on Chat GPT, that has more capabilities than original tool.

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