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The vaccine for COVID 19 has already been discovered. The labors of Pfizer and Moderna they have already confirmed to have effective vaccines. However, the drug has yet to be approved and distributed, which would take at least a year. In other words, we are not at the beginning of the end, but at the end of the beginning of the pandemic.

General Information

A pandemic occurs approximately every 10 to 20 years. Of all those that have been registered, all have had 2, 3 and even 4 waves of contagion. In fact, experts predict that the second wave (which comes with winter) will be more deadly than the first. Therefore, it is to be expected that the virus will remain present while the logistics to distribute the vaccine are finalized.

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How will the vaccine be distributed?

Moderna's vaccine has an advantage over that of Pfizer, since it should not be kept at such a low temperature. The vaccine developed by Pfizer requires to be refrigerated at -80ºC and this complicates its transportation. In addition, both vaccines (plus those that are still in development) are still waiting to be approved, which should occur in early 2021.

After it is approved, who would get the vaccine first? Those who would receive the vaccine first are the front-line medical staff, who fight the virus. They, who are the most exposed, are the ones who put themselves at risk to deal with the crisis.

After them, it is difficult to define who is best vaccinated first. It is easy to think that the vulnerable population should be the first to receive the vaccine. However, there are studies that show that this is not necessarily so. This dilemma will have to be faced by governments in a very short time. At the moment, it is not known in what order the medicine should be distributed. The priority is collective and not individual; that is, the main objective is to eradicate the virus.

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covid vaccine


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