Joe Biden Putin Killer

Joe Biden believes Putin is a murderer

In reality, all heads of state are irretrievably responsible for the loss or preservation of the lives of many people. the same Biden, at the end of last month, ordered a bombardment on Syrian territory, which could have left lethal victims. Another example is the case of Trump, when he ordered the execution of the general of the Iranian armed forces, Qassem Soleimani. The same happened with Obama y Osama bin Laden; Bush y Saddam Hussein, etc.

However, Joe Biden could be referring to the mysterious poisonings of the leaders of the Russian opposition, which seem to have been ordered from the Kremlin. These poisonings have been perfected, so that the chemical agents generate effects that are mistaken for natural causes of death. Further, many of these murders have been committed on foreign soil. Those that are commented in Russia are impossible to trace or verify.

File: Alexei Navalny.JPG
Alexei Navalny, leader of the Russian opposition and main critic of Vladimir Putin, was poisoned in August 2020.

Interference in elections

As it becomes increasingly common for governments to eradicate their opposition, Biden assures that he will make Putin pay the consequences for having tried to intervene in the outcome of the 2020 elections. According to the US government, an intelligence report would have revealed the following.

Russia reportedly tried to influence the elections to favor Trump. Likewise, the government of Iran would have tried to influence the results in favor of the Democrats. For this reason, President Joe Biden assures that he will soon make Putin pay for having wanted to intervene in the democracy of his country.

Vladimir Putin | Image Courtesy:, Licensed a… | Flickr
Vladimir Putin has held political power in Russia since 1999. Since then, he has silenced the opposition.

When asked Joe Biden if you believed Putin was a murderer, answered yes. This is due to what was explained above. In Russia, for centuries, the political power has used to poison members of the opposition to eliminate them from the competition. During the time of the Soviet Union, tremendous progress was made in the development of these poisons (known as Novichok). However, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the new Russian government continued to develop poisons, seeing their usefulness in politics.

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