Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas

'Willa', that's the name of the newborn. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner from Game of Thrones became parents for the first time. His legal representative was in charge of breaking the news to the magazine People. When it was revealed that they were dads, their names became trending on the networks.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are known for their artistic roles. Also, the story of their marriage is unique, as they were surprisingly married one night in Las Vegas. However, the couple later celebrated a religious marriage in the South of France, where the traditional ceremony was performed.

Joe Jonas is the second of the 'Jonas Brothers' to have children. His brother, Kevin, has two daughters. Nick, for his part, is married but they have made it clear that they prefer to wait before taking the step towards parenthood. The actress who plays "Sansa Stark" on Game of Thrones is 24 years old and happy to have her first child.

The celebrity couple has decided not to upload photos of their newborn baby, as they have opted for privacy. It was not even they who directly came out to break the news. For this, they used their legal representative.

Thus, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are setting a trend towards maintaining a private life, which is common among celebrities. They prefer to raise their daughter without exposing her to the cameras, unlike some who choose to get them used to it from an early age.

However, celebrities are not spared from having to report to the press, as they are public figures and know their responsibilities as such. That is, they have the minimum they have to count and this is enough for the fans to cause a stir.

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