Who is Ryan Cohen

Who is Ryan Cohen?

Ryan Cohen is a young entrepreneur and investor, co-founder of the Chewy company. Cohen sold Chewy for 3.35 billion dollars in the largest sale in the history of e-commerce. Chewy emerged as a dog food company online. Cohen's initiative paid off enormously from the start, although it took time for him to secure investment for his company.

Ryan Cohen is 34 and, in 2011, founded Chewy. The initiative came about while shopping for his French poodle, Tylee. He followed in the footsteps of his father, who ran an import business and was his mentor. It was not until 2013, that Cohen managed to get the investment of 15 million dollars to consolidate his company. to 2016 had managed to raise even more capital and that year managed to get $ 900 million in sales through your page.

By 2017, Cohen's company was worth $ 350 million and was preparing to go public (IPO). It was at that moment, just before, that Cohen sold the company to PetSmart for $ 3.35 billion.

Why is everyone talking about Cohen?

Ryan Cohen Started A Company That Took On Amazon, And Sold It For $ 3 Billion. Now He's Thinking About What's Next
Ryan Cohen with his french poodle, Tylee.

Chewy's founder sold the company, but He did not leave his position as CEO of the company. It continued to operate as an independent unit under Ryan Cohen. In March 2018, the businessman resigned from the company to pursue different goals and dedicate more time to his family.

After selling the company, Cohen decided to make large investments in Apple and Wells Fargo. Actually, is Apple's largest individual investor (with 6.2 million company shares) (every action of Apple It costs $ 111 usd).

Likewise, Ryan Cohen also bought 9% of GameStop shares and this is the company that has put him in the crosshairs of all investors.

His plans to turn GameStop into Amazon's rival

An article of Bloomberg, that came out on Sunday, caused GameStop shares to grow 28%.

Ryan cohen, who has volunteered to take a position at the company, revealed his plans to grow it. In her statements,. made it clear that he plans to become Amazon's rival and this greatly excited investors. Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 release could spike GameStop sales starting next year. Who is Ryan Cohen:

To learn more about the future of GameStop, read: GameStop could supposedly be the new Amazon.

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